Au Revoir 2020…

Algamdulilah, the last day of 2020 is finally here, and what a year it's been! We've learned so much from you 2020, and you have shown us different ways of doing things! You have taught us what we need, and more importantly, what we don't need. You have shown us that tomorrow is not guaranteed... Continue Reading →

Life in Egypt with Wasfeeya

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in another country? Meet our next expat in the #ExpatAdventure series, Wasfeeya from Cape Town, South Africa, currently living in Egypt. She is a qualified online Qur’an teacher and hifdh mentor. She is passionate about psychology, marriage, and everything Qur’an-related and blogs regularly about it. Here... Continue Reading →

Life in Saudi Arabia with Rushana

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in another country? Meet expat, Rushana from Cape Town, South Africa, currently living in Riyadh, better known as @expat_that_ on Instagram. She has traveled to several countries, and takes everyone along with her on her amazing adventures. In this interview, Rushana talks about her experience in moving to... Continue Reading →

Life in Germany with Redawn

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in another country? Meet expat, Redawn Heuberger from South Africa, currently living in Germany. Here, she talks about her experience of moving to a new country, what life is like as a foreigner, and so much more! She is a mother of 3 children and Founder... Continue Reading →

Top 35 Living in France Blogs & Websites in 2020

On Tuesday, 16th June, I received an email from Feedspot informing me that Our French Adventure blog was selected by their panelist for the Top 35 Living In France Blogs on Feedspot! Whoohooooo!!  We ranked #31 which is an amazing achievement for a blog that only started two years ago to keep our family and friends back home updated... Continue Reading →

How quickly things can change…

So, what started off as a normal, early surprise breakfast for my daughter who turned 11 years old on Thursday, 4th June, quickly turned into a crazy, stressful day of me spending time at the GP with my son who was experiencing excruciating pain on the right side of his abdomen. We then spent another... Continue Reading →

Go-to Places in Strasbourg & Kehl

So arriving in France in 2018 we had limited resources to assist us with finding places to eat, shops to buy groceries, home appliances, halal butchers, etc. We relied heavily on Google search, reading reviews on social media and recommendation from my friend Anya, my kids English teacher from South Africa living in Germany who... Continue Reading →

Quick, easy chicken pizza

Cooking Tutorial: How to make a really quick, easy simple chicken pizza for the whole family to enjoy! This can be made in no time with no slaving in the kitchen for hours on end! Perfect for the busy mom 💓🙌🏽 🌟 The pizza base recipe is from @boekatreats and it’s my go to recipe... Continue Reading →

Quick chicken pasta

Cooking Tutorial: How to make an easy no stress, super quick chicken pasta dish 😋 This dish is my go to when I don’t feel like spending lots of time in the kitchen. Any pasta dish is a win in my household 💓 Quick chicken pasta dish 🌟 I used leftover chicken fillets - this... Continue Reading →

Mince Lasagne

Tutorial: How to make a a delicious mince lasagne dish that’s just perfect for those comfort food days 😋 For this recipe you can use chicken as well or if you prefer vegetarian option then just replace your meat or poultry option with veggies of your choice!  This recipe is simple, easy and can be... Continue Reading →

Meatballs (Frikkadel)

How to make tasty frikkadel (meatballs) in no time with no hassle or fuss! Super easy to make on a Sunday night with fresh rolls or baked bread! 🌟 I normally make frikkadel with creamy mashed potatoes and a tomatoe smoortjie 🙌🏽 A favourite in my household and super easy and quick to make!  🌟... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Kareem

Algamdulillah, the best month of the entire year is approaching - the blessed month of Ramadan. The month of the Quran, the month to increase our Duas (prayers), the month to give back to the poor and needy, the month to get closer to our Creator, the month for spiritual cleansing and the month for... Continue Reading →

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