Welcome to our expat lifestyle (journal style) blog, Our French Adventure. My name is Waseema, and I happen to be the mother and second in command on this adventure! We hope you enjoy this blog, and thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to comment, share, or like any of our posts!

Where are we from?

We are a South African family of six from Cape Town, living in France and making it our new home. If you’ve never heard of Cape Town, it’s an amazingly beautiful city on the southwest coast of South Africa. It has stunning beaches, breathtaking mountains, and the most welcoming and friendly people – watch this video

What is this blog about?

It is about our experience in relocating to a different country on a different continent with our four children. It is about finding a place to call home, getting the children into the schooling system, getting around with the public transport system, and finding halal places to eat, and many other crazy, wild and spontaneous adventures. 

Why did we start the blog?

I created this blog from scratch (to keep myself busy) and started blogging to keep our family and friends back home updated on this journey we call Our French Adventure. This blog is also a recording of our time spent here, which includes real-life drama with all the beautiful, raw, ugly emotions that go with it all. This blog is our small place on the web, where I share our frustrating, crazy, sad, and funny scenarios that comes with living in a new country. It includes scenes where we experience the language barrier, culture shock, some differences, and in some cases, similarities we’ve experienced living here compared to Cape Town, South Africa. 

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“Fill your life with adventures not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show”