Flying with children: 10 travel tips to keep your sanity

Here are my 10 travel tips when traveling with children and making it super easy and stress free!

So with things slowly going back to “normal” here in France, everyone will be planning their next adventure or getaway especially now with summer approaching.

I thought of putting together this shortlist of handy tips when you are traveling with children to ensure that you have a stress free travel experience!

  1. Always have snacks ready – kids will start nagging if they get hungry. Having snacks ready for them to nibble on makes a huge difference between you losing your shit or remaining all calm and in control haha.
  2. Always have wet wipes in your bag for toilet emergencies as well as sticky hands and faces. I let my kids use wet wipes to freshen up especially after a long flight. It also very handy after getting sick during the flight or landing (I’m talking of experience here *rolling eyes* where four out of six of us vomited while we were landing in Cape Town after a long flight from Turkey – how embarrassing!?!?)
  3. For younger kids – let them take their favourite toy on the plane to keep them busy but more so for long transit waits at the airport. I packed in colouring books & pencils as well as fully charged iPads for online games etc and this saved me – big time!
  4. Check-in before the time and choose your seats closest to the bathroom – easy access to the bathroom just in case of toilet emergencies and your older kids can go alone while you keep an eye on them.
  5. Plan your flight around bedtime – in this way kids can relax and sleep during their usual sleep time straight to your destination with no-fuss, no stress just peaceful sleep.
  6. Pack their overnight bag with a set of clean underwear, extra t-shirt, and tights, toiletries as well as flip flops. In the aeroplane when they take their takkies off to get comfy, they can just put their flip-flops on if they need to go to the bathroom so no wet, dirty feet.
  7. Keep the medication for nausea, diarrhoea, and tummy cramps in your bag – just in case! This has saved me numerous times!
  8. Dress them in comfy clothes – no jeans but tracksuits that are nice and comfortable to sleep in esp. when traveling at night.
  9. If you traveling with older kids – get them involved. Let them assist you as well as the younger ones.
  10. Keep all supporting documents such as birth certificates as well as passports, itineraries, hotel confirmations, etc. in one place for easy convenient access.

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