Go-to Places in Strasbourg & Kehl

So arriving in France in 2018 we had limited resources to assist us with finding places to eat, shops to buy groceries, home appliances, halal butchers, etc. We relied heavily on Google search, reading reviews on social media and recommendation from my friend Anya, my kids English teacher from South Africa living in Germany who I met here in September 2018.

With this in mind I thought of putting together this document (ongoing active list) as a go-to for anyone needing the information and having it easily available. Note that all the shops listed below are places we go to regularly and also places we have purchased from before to set up our new home.

Halal places to eat:

  • Eden Food
  • Family Burger
  • Elite Steakhouse
  • Kool

Supermarkets & Hypermarkets:

ProInter (Fully Halal) is an amazing supermarket with a butcher that supplies very good quality meat, chicken, etc but also provides fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, rice, noodles – basically anything you need to fill the essential products in your kitchen. Arriving at ProInter you need to get a number and wait until your number is called out. The staff is helpful and the place is always fully stocked and clean. 

E.Leclerc and Auchan are both hypermarket that provides everything from home cleaning essentials to fridges, televisions and gardening tools, etc. It sells everything from essential items to fresh fish – basically our go-to shop when we need to buy anything in the house.

Lidl & Aldi are smaller supermarkets and their prices are relatively affordable.

DIY & Home Improvements: 

Leroy Merlin & Castorama – Here you can find everything from building supplies in the form of power tools, bolts, nuts, wood, etc as well as home decor & improvements in the form of light fixtures and fittings, wallpaper, paint, showers, etc. 

Home Decor and Furniture:

IKEA & Conforama – These shops have a wide variety of furniture, decor, appliances, etc. You can easily find all the items for your new apartment here!


DM – So if you want very good prices for toiletries its best to take a drive to Kehl, Germany which is about 14mins drive from Strasbourg, city center. 

Shopping Malls:

If you feel this list was helpful then please like and share this post! If you have any other suggestions of go-to places here in Strasbourg or Kehl please leave a comment down below!

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