Ten lessons I’ve learnt during this pandemic…

On Thursday, 12th March the French President addressed the nation and announced that all schools, day care centres and universities would be closed from Monday, 16th March due to this virus. Everyone still went on as per normal and people didn’t take it seriously enough and then Monday, 16th March Macron addressed the nation again and told everyone that from noon, Tuesday 17th everyone should stay indoors for the next 15 days. All non-essential places will be closed and only grocery stores and pharmacies will be left open. Everyone needs to have a form signed and completed if you leave your house for groceries etc. and if you are stopped by the police and you don’t have the form, you would be fined.

For the lockdown my husband has been the only one going out to the shops getting our essentials and he was stopped twice by the police for his permission slip. It takes him about 45 minutes for him to get into the shop as they are not allowing everyone into the shop all at once with a meter distance in between everyone. My children were given school work everyday via their online portals and emails from their teachers. I’ve had to sit and monitor their work and try to keep their routine as close to ‘norma’l as far as I could. So going to bed early, getting up early and sitting with school work in the mornings with no TV or other distractions because lockdown does not mean holidays for them, unfortunately.

Today, we are on Day 30 and last night our lockdown was extended again for another four weeks until May 11th. Thank goodness for the two week Spring break the kids have now so now I can also relax, do some spring cleaning and blog a little ๐Ÿ™‚

Ten lessons I’ve learnt and realised during this pandemic are:

  1. We should really be grateful for the small things in life, the things we take for granted everyday because just like that it can be taken away from us! Like going for a walk in the park, having easy access to getting essentials, the ability to go work and provide for our families – I can go on forever. It’s the small things that make a big difference!
  2. We are mere humans with no control over anything – the Almighty is in the drivers seat, always!
  3. We as mothers, fathers or homemakers are doing the best that we can do for our family and loved ones, no matter what we currently facing. Don’t be so hard on yourself!
  4. We can work from home and don’t need to go into the office to be productive!
  5. Slowing down is good for us – our lives are too fast, we have no time for reflection and making real connections with ourselves, with our thoughts, with our family, our children and our creator – so use this lockdown period for doing just that!
  6. We are not alone in this, the whole world is fighting this war so we should be sending dua’s and prays to everyone affected by it.
  7. The essential services staff like hospital workers, nurses, doctors, hospital cleaners, radiologists, cashiers, packers, childcare minders, people providing food and essentials to the less fortunate etc. are the real heroes! This would include every single person adhering to the rules of the lockdown – together we can get through this!
  8. Less is more – we can survive and thrive on less stuff, less noise and voices from social media/news and less luxuries etc.
  9. We don’t realise how important our health really is until it becomes threatened and compromised. Eating wholesome meals with fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking water, exercising with less stress is important for our overall wellbeing.
  10. Connecting with your loved ones via video calling helps during this time but it can’t replace the face to face interaction we as humans need.

I would like to salute all our frontline workers putting their lives at risk to save others, working tirelessly and unselfishly to serve others! WE SALUTE YOU!! We need to help them by staying inside and flattening the curve and not making the situation worse.

Remember: You are NOT ALONE, we are all in this together! It does not matter where you are in the world, everyone is affected by what’s happening and we all owe it to each other to be responsible.

Sending you all lots of positivity and good vibes your way!

If you interested in our updates that will include the real life drama with all the beautiful, raw, ugly emotions that goes with it all, the ups and downs, then โ€“ follow ourย pageย as well as our Instagramย page and share this experience with us!

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