Ramadan Kareem


Algamdulillah, the best month of the entire year is approaching – the blessed month of Ramadan. The month of the Quran, the month to increase our Duas (prayers), the month to give back to the poor and needy, the month to get closer to our Creator, the month for spiritual cleansing and the month for family.

“Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness” (Q 2:183)

If we had to be in Cape Town my orders for savouries would have been collected by now, ready in the freezer. I would have attended the Ramadan Expo for dates, pea flour for my dhaltjies, rose syrup for my falooda and a lot of other odds and ends to make Iftar time extra special especially for my children that fast the whole day, Algamdulillah.  But, with us being in a foreign country with no family or friends it has been difficult to get into the Ramadan spirit that Cape Town offers. Reminiscing of our last Ramadan bring back lots of good memories, Algamdulillah. Memories that will carry us through and make us appreciate community traditions, family, friends, the simple stuff and especially the atmosphere that Cape Town brings. Ramadan in Cape Town is special – you can feel and experience the month everywhere you go. A lot can change in a year, many people do not even get to see and experience this beautiful month of Ramadan (May Allah make us of those who can experience still many more Ramadans, Ameen!) May Allah grant all deceased a high place in Jannah, Ameen.

We will experience our first Ramadan here in France – look out for updates a week or so into the Ramadan!

I had to Google samoosa pur and finally found out by the previous tenant that it’s called Bricks pastry – I went out searching for Bricks and Alhamdu got it at our butcher! What’s even more weird, other than the name Bricks, is the fact that the samoosa pur is round!? (Rolling eyes) how am I suppose to fold a round samoosa blaar?! Ya salaaaaaam the effort of making my own savouries.  I eventually started with my savouries and tried to fold the brick pastry but the pastry was soooo thin and kept on breaking. I managed to figure out how to fold the round pastry but what a mission!? I then fried it off to taste it but it was soooo oily and gross that I decided to make my own samoosa pur!!! If you know me you know I do not do stuff like this – only because its too much of an effort! hahaha I then asked Oumie who is a samoosa pro back in Cape Town to help me.  We ended up sending a lot of Whatsapp messages back and forth until I eventually baked it off!!! All I can say is that it’s hard work, manual labour – I seriously have so much respect for people making and selling savouries for a living – you guys rock!

My children are already asking if they sending treats away to our neighbours. A beautiful tradition in Cape Town to make extra treats for our neighbours. The children look forward to this part of the day!  This ensures that everyone has something to break their fast with and nobody is left behind. So Ameerah came up with an idea – she said everyone should sit in a different room and then the one should bring something to the other hahaha shame they really going to miss taking treats to our neighbours and they going to miss having Iftar at our families homes over weekends. I might just make treats for everyone in our building and start our own tradition here! Maybe a good time to meet our neighbours even though we won’t understand what they saying haha.

This year will be different for everyone. We will be fasting longer hours – almost 16 hours – Algamdulillah, will have no family around, will have no Cape Town Ramadan spirit that we all use to but Allah knows best! We trust and believe in the Almighty. I believe that this will make us stronger, make us appreciate and be grateful for what we have and also give us an opportunity to experience Ramadan in another country, Algamdulillah. I am trying to keep all the normal traditions we use to have at home and follow it through here as well. I think the beauty of having traditions in your home with your family is having it follow you wherever you go because it is not associated to the place but the family.

I hope you all have a blessed Ramadan with your loved ones and that you make the most of it. May Allah accept our sacrifices in this beautiful month and may He guide and protect us always to see another Ramadan, Ameen.

Ramdan Kareem (1)


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