How to find food, anywhere in the world!

People have been asking about the food here in France so I will take you all back to when we got here and how we managed to get around buying our food supplies and what we discovered along the way.

So after arriving in France we stayed for a week in a self catering apartment in a place called Colmar – a really beautiful majestic place with cobbled stone roads, bridges and medieval looking houses and buildings.

Little Venice – Colmar

We had to now find a halal butcher, a shopping mall and a place to buy my spices! I wanted to bring some of my own spices over from South Africa but thought it would be best to just find it here – I honestly wish I brought from my own spices with – I’m missing Osman’s and Spice Mecca!?

We turned to Google of course which was and still is our BEST friend haha. We found halal butchers near by and managed to find one where hubby bought burgers for us to test out first. One thing that I have learnt from being in a foreign country is that you really have to step out of your comfort zone and try new things – I hate trying new things (rolling eyes)!!! – so this was and still is my challenge. I needed to know from hubby whether the butcher was clean? Did it have a stink smell? Were there flies all over the place?? – Eeeek! Algamdulilah, we tried the burgers and it was a hit! Got some mushrooms and peppers (fried that with garlic and butter – real butter!) and made it with the burgers, on a baguette – how we miss fresh coney rolls from Spar in Kromboom Road!!

We managed to find the malls from our friend, Google and got some groceries including dhal!! At the mall we found a whole aisle full of various products like different types of breads, butter, tuna, spices, olives, Sauerkraut etc. – really on another level and very overwhelming at first but we managed to navigate our way through the mall and got a few suppliers to get us going. It really had everything in it from bikes to flowers to school books to fruit and veg – like a Hypermarket but bigger!!  At first we struggled to find normal bread (like Sasko Sam) because the bread were packed in what looked to us like chips packets! We even struggled to find products for flies – was a nightmare but eventually after standing for what seemed like hours – we found the right product for the mouches (flies in French) Thank goodness because the mouches were driving us nuts!!!

The fruit and vegetables are fresh but I honestly prefer getting my fruit and veggies at the markets. So in Strasbourg you have markets twice a week and you can honestly get the freshest fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, flowers and much more!

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When we eventually moved to Strasbourg we found a big butcher that we now visit once a week to get our weekly supplies from – I don’t buy in bulk just yet as the place we staying in has a TINY freezer. When we got to the butcher we found a whole lot of people standing with a piece of paper in their hands, only a few people at the counters and a number flashing on the wall. Hubby and I were very confused at first but I managed to ask someone working in the shop how it all works and yes I used the Google translate app that honestly has been so convenient.  He then explained that you needed to press the button at the end of the counter and wait for your number to be called – how cool is that? We used some crazy actions haha (just imagine two crazy looking people trying to explain what we needed – at a time I was hoping hubby would not make the chicken action to ask for poulet – chicken in french) but eventually we got the Google translate app out to place our orders! Algamdulilah we managed to get some chicken and meat products for the week – we were off to a good start – whoohoooo!

My children and hubby wanted huis kos and I have been able to make chicken and mince curry, frikkadel (meatballs), fried chicken, dhal, akhnie and chicken wraps etc.

The ingredients here are fresh, fruit and veggies look brighter and tastes nicer and the mince has no extras in it – its pure meat that they put in the grinding machine in front of you which is sooooo awesome, Algamdulilah. Hubby even made his own version of Jimmy’s sauce to marinade the chicken with – see pic below in the bottle!

Unfortunately, I have not tried any french dishes because like I said earlier I hate trying new things so I’m sticking to what we love and know for now.  Maybe as time goes by and we get to discover more of this beautiful city, I will start getting out of my shell and explore various other tastes on my palate.  But, for now I’ll stick to what my mommy has taught me and what we know cos it reminds us of home!

We miss you Cape Town, we miss the Niknak chips, we miss chillie polony and spice beef from Spar, we miss Mrs Balls chutney, we miss Spur, Nando’s, Wembley Roadhouse and a Debonairs triple decker pizza, we miss normal Sasko Sam bread, we miss Spice Mecca and Osmans spices, we miss biltong, we miss Gatsby and Tikka chicken, we miss penny polony (worsies!)  – we miss you!

“Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had.” – Unknown

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  1. I enjoy your blog especially since I’m also living abroad and can relate to your experience. I actually had Osman’s spices sent up for me and we even brought some meat with us!


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