Back to school – back to reality!

Algamdulillah, my big ones, started school yesterday. JP had to be at school by 0830, and AP had to be there at 1315 for her Orientation. They were both very nervous and excited at the same time. It would be the first time they would go to school without school uniforms on. Fridays in South Africa were civvies days, so being able to go to school every day with civvies to them was both weird and super cool at the same time!! Haha. They would have to make friends all over again, get to know the teachers, the school, and learn a new language more importantly. Not just one language but two!! AP would be doing French and German, and JP would be doing French and Spanish – algamdulillah.

Anyway, we got up early, and JP and I took the tramway. The very same tram I got lost on not once but twice!! I ended up on the other side of Strasbourg last week Friday (with JP) with Google maps being my only source of getting back home and a stupid iPhone with a 2% battery life!! Oh my goodness hubby was flipping because why was my phone not on 100% and I’m stressing cos I need to find where I am to know where home was!! Gosh, we finally got off the wrong tram, and with the help of a lovely, old lady (who didn’t understand English that well) showed me where to hop onto a bus back home. I asked the bus driver if he was passing our area, and he just nodded his head. We then got on the bus, and I made dua (all the duas I know) we end up at home hehehehe what a nerve-wracking experience but throughout it all Algamdulillah, I wasn’t scared – saw it as an adventure. JP wasn’t too impressed with me.

Therefore Sunday that passed hubby and I went on a test drive, haha, showed me how to hop off and hop onto the different trams (red and purple lines). I had to take note as the next day was my real test in getting them to school on time!!

I fetched kids at school and algamdulillah, they both had an excellent first day. AP just complained that they did not give her a break to eat, haha, and said all they spoke about were rules!! She sat next to an American girl who helped her in class, and JP made friends with a boy from Iran.

They can eat at the cafeteria lunchtime (you pay annually), but if they don’t want to eat there, they have to go home lunch time to eat! They are not allowed to bring stuff to school to eat. They must put their fingerprint at the cafeteria to keep tabs on your meals, and AP said she got a code also to punch in. If they have a free period or teacher don’t pitch, they have to go to the library to study. If they absent, they need to have a particular form completed, checked by a teacher, and then only allowed back into class.

I’m making dua that they settle in nicely and find their normality soon as I’m yet to find mine – I think my normality will come when we move into our new apartment, and I make the apartment our home, Insha Allah, Ameen.

After going on six trams yesterday, I feel exhausted and uitgepit – soooo glad today they off and we can relax and unwind, don’t want to see another tram until tomorrow!!!

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