One month since…

It’s been one month since…

I last saw my daddy, brother and sisters.

I last saw my other family and friends.

I last slept in my own bed and went to my own bathroom.

I last visited my mommy’s grave.

I last cleaned my own house and was surrounded by my own stuff.

But Algamdulilah, it’s been a month of finding our feet in this foreign place,  looking for simple stuff we would normally take for granted like a halal butcher or takeaways, being positive and going with the flow, trying to entertain and making things as normal as possible for our children, finding a suitable apartment for us, getting lost twice with the tramway trying to figure out the whole public transport system here in France, it’s been a month of learning, thinking outside the box and really stepping out of my comfort zone.

Algamdulilah, Allah has protected us and made the transition a smooth one thus far – Shukr Allah.

This month has taught me to appreciate the people you love and always make an effort to show them, be grateful for your situation and struggles and remain humble always by asking for help and accepting it as well.

Missing Cape Town and all it has to offer!

Seaforth Beach, Cape Town

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