Our Journey Begins

This blog was created to keep me busy and also a way to keep our friends and family back home updated on our adventure. It was not a simple choice of just saying “YES we going,” but it took months of planning and keeping tabs on all the balls we kept up in the air, all the time.

Anyway, let me properly introduce myself – my name is Waseema, and I’m married (almost 15 years in December, Insha Allah) to a crazy, loving, go-getter hubby, Hishaam and we have 4 beautiful children (age 5, 9, 12 and 13), Algamdulilah. We had a dog, Alpha, and three budgies (Ruby, Blue, and Storm), BUT Alpha got sick just before we had to leave, and one of the budgies died as well!! Soooo, we left behind two budgies, Ruby and Blue. They with their Oumie now and she is loving their company.


Back to my introduction – I resigned from working at the University of Cape Town at a research unit as the PA for the unit director. I worked for ten years at DPRU, so resigning and leaving was a tough decision to make at first, but I needed to go as I believe it was my time. If France didn’t materialize, I would have resigned and worked for a Minister that offered me a job! Soooo when the France plans came through, I had to resign from UCT and tell the minister that I couldn’t accept his offer – I believe an offer in a million!!!! Haha, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. Allah had better plans for me and my family, Insha Allah.

Going back a few months when hubby accepted the offer, we then had to first go to Home Affairs to sort kids passports out and then apply for visas. PS. You don’t have to take your own photos with – we did and never knew that they take the photos at Home Affairs! Remember when you go, you need a whole bag of salt and lots of sabr!!! Algamdulilah, after about six hours, lots of frustrations of systems going down and people fighting haha, we got out of Home Affairs with everything sorted.

Two weeks later, we received SMS’s to say that we can collect – woohoo, we were halfway there. Well, that’s what we thought!

My to-do list back at home was as long as the Nile River. I had to still handover at work, look for an estate agent to rent our house in Cape Town, search for a moving company to move our stuff from SA to France, sort and pack all cupboards and throw out all the junk (my word did we have a lot of waste!!!!!!). Hubby had to paint and get wooden floors sanded again and re-varnished, sort out the selling of both cars, put together a list of all items we took with, give away and sell, and the list goes on and on.

Algamdulilah, with help from my daddy and few close ones, we managed to pull it all together and were ready to leave on Wednesday, 1st August 2018.

Viva La France – here we come!!

Who live sees much, who travels sees more.  — Arab Proverb

2 thoughts on “Our Journey Begins

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  1. Aslm Waseema

    Love reading your blog! cant believe how big Salma and Zahra (its that the spelling?) look in the pics.

    Love and salaam


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